Collecting/Organizing Box Tops

I am cheap.  I will admit it.  So any time I have a chance to show support with actually having to give money, I am all for it. 

Saving Box Tops and Campbell soup labels is just the thing for me.  I also have to confess that we are soup snobs.  Unless it is made from scratch, it better be Campbell’s.  We have tried the store brand.  We are not going back.

Usually we don’t have many Box Tops (we’re pretty store brand loyal besides soup), but ever since the big Cheerios stock up, we have been collecting those, too.

The trouble is where to store all these labels.  I hate clutter (don’t look at my sink right now).  Then I got this idea from a friend, who had to admit that they got it from another friend.  I haven’t confirmed this, but that other friend is pretty organized, so I think it was her idea (Thanks Jen).

Unfortunately my camera and my computer are not on speaking terms, so you will just have to visualize this.

  • take 2 or 3 baggies or envelopes (I use the business reply envelopes from junk mail.)
  • Label the envelopes: box tops, Campbell soups, coupons, etc.
  • Open a cabinet door (I have mine by our cups)
  • tape the envelopes inside the cabinet door, make sure the opening is facing out.
  • Put your labels in the envelopes
  • close the cupboard
  • say goodbye to clutter

Even if your kids aren’t in school, or you don’t even have kids, saving Box Tops is a great way of showing support to your local schools.  Box Tops sends an actual check to schools to spend however they need.  And Campbell’s sends out a catalog to help schools get sport or science equipment.

And you can find Box Tops and Labels on many products that you already buy.

If you don’t have a place to donate your labels to you can always send them to me.

And that’s what works for me.  Check out more great ideas at We Are THAT Family.


Day 17 – Whistle while you Work

 Mary Poppins knew what she was talking about when she told Jane and Michael “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap, the job’s a game. ”

When I want the kids to get motivated, I just have to pick the right music.  We like to clean the house to Disney’s Dance Along Cd, or the Classic Disney Volume II

But this could be a key to creating good workers for life.  Teaching kids that work does not have to be drudgery, may make a huge difference in their future careers.  Help your kids find that element of fun, and they will be less likely to quit their job when they are older.  They will be less likely to work just for a paycheck.  They will do what they love, and love what they do.

So today I am giving away music.  The Give Away for day 17 of 28 days of Give Aways is…the CD Our God Reigns: 25 of Your Favorite Praise and Worship Songs by Bob Kilpatrick and Friends.

All you have to do is leave a comment. If you are a follower or subscriber, you can leave additional comments letting  me know.  We are having give Away all month, so check back for more.

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