A Tribute to a Prayer Warrior


Hubby’s grandparents, William and Virginia were pioneers in Television evangelism. Hubby’s Dad grew up on the set of the longest running non-news shows in history, Faith For Today. The show has a variety of features: music, sermons and christian dramas. Each week, the people would be invited to write into the show to share how God had been working in their lives, or to ask for prayer.

Every week Virginia faithfully took home a folder of all the letters that had been received so that she could spend personal time in prayer over each request. She knew that these people had trusted her with their hopes and fears, and she knew the power of prayer.

 One night, staying up late waiting for their daughter to come home from babysitting. Virginia noticed a funny smell. The house was on fire! She quickly woke the family up and they went to the neighbors to call for help.

 In the morning they went to look at the damage. The fire had started in the basement, and everything in the house had been destroyed. Virginia approached one of the remaining firemen to ask if she could look inside.

 He tried to convince her that there was nothing of value left in the house. But she was insistent. Thinking that Virginia must be after something very valuable, he carefully led her back into the house. Everything was burned to ashes. She asked to go to their master bedroom, despite the damage.

 She went to the bed, and threw back the covers and found a file of papers all in tact.

The fireman said, “that is the luckiest thing I have ever seen.”

No,” Virginia said, “that is an answer to prayer.”

So, I bet those papers are worth a lot of money then?”

No, these are prayer requests. I promised these people I would pray for them.”

Hubby’s grandma, Virginia, died last week at age 92. Up until the very end, she was still praying for people.

 Often when people meet Hubby, they wonder if he is related to “that William and Virginia.” We get to hear stories about how their family was brought into the church by watching the show. These are the people whose prayers were in that folder.

It is amazing to think that each one of us is here because of somebody’s prayer. Somebody knew the value of prayer and prayed for you, and that is how you are here.

Somebody prayed for you and that is how you are able to give.

 *originally published as A Call to Offering – March 2010

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