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Time is Money


Run around the house and change all your clocks.

$0.10 for every clock you find that needs to be changed.

Don’t forget the car and the Microwave.  (Hint: Spring Forward)

On your mark.  Get set. Go.

Job Vs. Chore – Doggie Duties

Our dog is a family dog.  He belongs to everybody, which means that the responsibilities are shared between all of us.  But some responsibilities don’t have to be done every day, or even every week, so to me, those are the things that made it on the job list.

But we have a small dog.  A big dog may have a different list.


  • Feeding
  • Watering
  • Walking
  • Brushing
  • Bathing


  • Clipping/cutting hair
  • Trimming nails
  • Scooping poop

If our dog was bigger, we probably wouldn’t bathe him as much, but then we might have to scoop poop more often.

Unfortunately most of the things on the job list are more appropriate for older kids, so ours will have to wait a couple of years before they will be making money from dog jobs.

Our Dog Runs Away

I am not sure whether or not to take this personally.

We thought we had everything figured out.  We would wait to get a dog until we had our fence up.  Well, Shadow can fit through our fence.

Taking 3 kids around the neighborhood yelling for a delinquent dog is one thing.  But we are just months away from having a newborn. 

We have already invested in a more detailed dog collar, one that includes cell phone numbers and street address.  But all that does is help people return him to us after he wanders.

Now we are looking to invest in some higher tech security measures.  Like Chicken wire.  That just screams tacky to me, but we may be getting desperate.

Or there is the electric fence option.  I think it sounds mean, and more expensive.  But it would work even if our gate was left open.

I would take whatever works.  But what does it teach our kids, especially about money?

Tell me what you think.

Free Dog

We were so excited when we first got our dog.  He fit all the things on our list, the top 3 being he didn’t bark, he was “hypoallergenic”, and he was already potty trained.

We thought we were ready for a dog.

We had a fence.  Our kids were getting old enough to help out.  We were home during the day to keep him company.

Apparently there is more to taking care of a dog than that.

I grew up with dogs, how could I not know about the hidden responsibilities of dog ownership?

I’m not saying we would ever give Shadow back.  I just wished we had considered these other points before taking on a big responsibility.

  • They still have to go to the vet.  Even if they are not sick, you still have to get shots and stuff.  It’s like having another kid.
  • Even the best dogs chew on stuff.  We have been quite fortunate in the small number of toys that have been destroyed.  But still…
  • We can’t go away for the weekend.  Well, we can and do, but now we have to find puppy care.  If we weren’t so cheap, we could take him to “puppy summer camp” but instead we have relied on generous friends. 
  • Small dogs still poop.  During the summer, it wasn’t an issue: small dry and discreet.  But now that our snow is starting to thaw, we can see the value in shoveling a puppy trail a little bit further from the door.  If only…
  • You have to groom them.  Part of the joys of being a “hypoallergenic” dog is that they don’t shed.  Which means you have to  clip their fur.  Now normal people may pay to have this done, but we do it ourselves.  The big problem is that our dogs fur is so fine, you can’t use normal clippers on it.  We have to use scissors.  It takes forever.
  • Some dogs get sick.  We have been lucky to have only dealt with an ear infection so far.  But I know that many dogs may have some serious health issues in their life.  After my parents dog died this last summer, I realized that I had never really considered the implications of what would happen if our dog got really sick, like cancer or even arthritis.

When we decided to get a dog, we added a category into our budget every month to cover things like dog food, and license fees, now I am wondering if we need to set aside a bit of cash to cover unexpected things for our dog.  Wouldn’t it be great if the vet was covered under our health insurance?

So if our kids ever ask for another dog, I am going to have to review this list and make the decision with my eyes wide open.

Meatless Monday – Banana Bread & Kids in the Kitchen

I think this is the recipe that started it all.  We had some ripe bananas one day, so I looked for a banana bread recipe.  We got out the flour and the sugar and I taught Miss Love how to measure.  I think this is the recipe that makes her think all recipes should have flour and sugar.

The best thing about this recipe is the confidence in the kitchen it gave all my kids from the very beginning.  Even when one time we miscounted the flour and had way too much.  They were never discouraged to try it again.  Even Big G (or I guess I should say especially), who is not quite 2, loves to get in and help.

And hot banana bread with melting butter is always a crowd pleaser.  Some day, I imagine my boys will use this recipe to impress friends or maybe even a girl.  Who knows.  I am just happy to be able to start them on the right path.

Banana Bread

  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 cups flour

bake at 350* in a buttered pan for 1 hour.

Serve hot with melted butter.

Feel free to join me with a recipe or tip for Meatless Monday.

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Getting down to business

Okay, I am falling behind on my Give Away winners.

If you notice that you have won, and I have not contacted you, please let me know.  I am going to post all the winners for February so far, and then I will make sure everyone gets their prize. (some days, usually weekends, have been reserved for local resources, like goodwill, or the library.)


  1. katie @ Kitchen Stewardship (A Picture Me Gift Certificate
  2. Our Local School (Books, books and more Books)
  3. Amie @ Adventures with Audrie wins The Grouchy Ladybug
  4. Olivia @ Of Such is the Kingdom wins a pair of bath mittens
  5. The People of Haiti
  6. The People of Haiti
  7. The People of Haiti
  8. Jen @ Oh boy it’s a Girl wins the Veggie Tales Movie
  9. Our Local Community Service gets a box of Baby Blankets
  10. Kathy wins a set of Cloth Napkins
  11. Half-Assed HouseWife is our big Valentine winner.
  12. Our Local School got all my time
  13. Our Local School…
  14. Our Local School…
  15. My Honey… It was a delayed Valentines.
  16. Annie @ http://shopannies.blogspot.com/ wins the Squealer the Pig Beanie Baby
  17. Nobody wins the Our God Reigns Cd
  18. Nobody wins the Stickers
  19. Amy Lynne @ http://momsbalance.blogspot.com/ wins the facial mask
  20. Our Church got some extra videos
  21. My neighbor finally got that recipe she has been asking for…

This will be the last week of February, and the last week for Give Aways.  Until the future when I feel like giving things away again.  So check back all week, and see what you can win.  Join us on Monday for Meatless Mondays.