Job Vs. Chore – Doggie Duties

Our dog is a family dog.  He belongs to everybody, which means that the responsibilities are shared between all of us.  But some responsibilities don’t have to be done every day, or even every week, so to me, those are the things that made it on the job list.

But we have a small dog.  A big dog may have a different list.


  • Feeding
  • Watering
  • Walking
  • Brushing
  • Bathing


  • Clipping/cutting hair
  • Trimming nails
  • Scooping poop

If our dog was bigger, we probably wouldn’t bathe him as much, but then we might have to scoop poop more often.

Unfortunately most of the things on the job list are more appropriate for older kids, so ours will have to wait a couple of years before they will be making money from dog jobs.


Outside Jobs in the Winter

Our house in the winter

Despite the blue skies and sunny weather we still have a lot of snow outside.  During the summer, there is an endless list of jobs that can be done, but that list gets significantly shorter when all is covered in snow.

I just have a short list of jobs, that I would love to add to.  If there are some jobs that you can think of, please tell me.  Miss Love enjoys being outside and is always looking for work.

This is all of I’ve got:

  • sweep the front porch (especially after a fresh snow)
  • pick up recycling (the wind and my bad aim are not a good combination)
  • shovel the walkway (it turns out they won’t deliver mail if you don’t)

I have debated adding walking the dog to the list.  It would only involve walking back and forth in front of our house and the neighbors a bunch of times.

It seems like one of those things that should be a chore, since he is everyone’s dog.  But he keeps running away wandering off, and it may just be a lack of good exercise. 

Right now I am at the point that I would pay somebody to do almost anything that keeps me from having to call up and down the street looking for our dog.

What do you think?