Our Dog Runs Away

I am not sure whether or not to take this personally.

We thought we had everything figured out.  We would wait to get a dog until we had our fence up.  Well, Shadow can fit through our fence.

Taking 3 kids around the neighborhood yelling for a delinquent dog is one thing.  But we are just months away from having a newborn. 

We have already invested in a more detailed dog collar, one that includes cell phone numbers and street address.  But all that does is help people return him to us after he wanders.

Now we are looking to invest in some higher tech security measures.  Like Chicken wire.  That just screams tacky to me, but we may be getting desperate.

Or there is the electric fence option.  I think it sounds mean, and more expensive.  But it would work even if our gate was left open.

I would take whatever works.  But what does it teach our kids, especially about money?

Tell me what you think.


One Response to “Our Dog Runs Away”

  1. Jenn Cook Says:

    our dog runs away too! She actually DIGS so she can fit under the fence. One thing I’m doing is the smaller stretch of fence is to make a garden box to plant raspberries in them. I agree about the chicken wire…but you got to do what you got to do. Just don’t get the plastic kind (even though it’s cheaper!). Zoe was able to dig enough to make holes in it. We aren’t sure yet either what we’re doing with the rest of the areas of the fence. For now, anytime she gets out, I’ve been covering the hole with a brick. Curious to know you solution…

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