Getting down to business

Okay, I am falling behind on my Give Away winners.

If you notice that you have won, and I have not contacted you, please let me know.  I am going to post all the winners for February so far, and then I will make sure everyone gets their prize. (some days, usually weekends, have been reserved for local resources, like goodwill, or the library.)


  1. katie @ Kitchen Stewardship (A Picture Me Gift Certificate
  2. Our Local School (Books, books and more Books)
  3. Amie @ Adventures with Audrie wins The Grouchy Ladybug
  4. Olivia @ Of Such is the Kingdom wins a pair of bath mittens
  5. The People of Haiti
  6. The People of Haiti
  7. The People of Haiti
  8. Jen @ Oh boy it’s a Girl wins the Veggie Tales Movie
  9. Our Local Community Service gets a box of Baby Blankets
  10. Kathy wins a set of Cloth Napkins
  11. Half-Assed HouseWife is our big Valentine winner.
  12. Our Local School got all my time
  13. Our Local School…
  14. Our Local School…
  15. My Honey… It was a delayed Valentines.
  16. Annie @ wins the Squealer the Pig Beanie Baby
  17. Nobody wins the Our God Reigns Cd
  18. Nobody wins the Stickers
  19. Amy Lynne @ wins the facial mask
  20. Our Church got some extra videos
  21. My neighbor finally got that recipe she has been asking for…

This will be the last week of February, and the last week for Give Aways.  Until the future when I feel like giving things away again.  So check back all week, and see what you can win.  Join us on Monday for Meatless Mondays.


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