Job vs. Chore vs. Hobby

A Job is something someone pays you to do.

A Chore is something you do because you live in this house.

A Hobby is something you do for fun, but nobody pays you to do it.

To me, the ultimate American Dream is being able to turn a hobby into something someone will pay you to do.

I found a way to do it with scrapbooking.

I know of ways to do it with reading.

Can I do it with blogging? It’s not my goal, but wouldn’t it be great to earn my money back at least? 

I don’t know if it is an option with WordPress.  Things are not looking good. So I am looking into other options.  I may stay here, I may not.  If you have any advice in this area, I would sure be interested.

And as a Thank You for sticking with me through all this I am giving away a package of stickers. Leave me a comment and tell me if you like Hello Kitty or Froggy stickers best.


One Response to “Job vs. Chore vs. Hobby”

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    […] entry if you can tell me how to set up followers on WordPress. And don’t forget to check out Job vs. Chore vs. Hobby , Whistle While You Work, and Charlotte’s Web for the Give Aways that will be open all […]

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